Protective double-walled pipe DKC 200 mm Octopus 121920

117,80 грн. VAT included per 1 meter

427,25 грн. VAT included for 3 item(s)

The DKC double pipe is used to protect the electrical cable in the ground, as well as in the design of cable systems in monolithic concrete construction. DKC double corrugation is made of high quality polyethylene, which provides durability and high maneuverability of the pipeline. The flexible two-layer corrugated tube is supplied with a 50-meter package and is equipped with a nylon broach and connecting sleeve.



Outside diameter 200 mm
Inner diameter 160 mm
Material HDPE/LDPE
Length 35 m
Fire reaction class А1
Temperature resistance – 40 °С – + 90 °С
Producing country Ukraine