Coupling for double-wall tube DKC d160 mm 015160

103,70 грн. VAT included

The coupler for a double-walled corrugated pipe is used as an element of one-piece pipe joining mechanically. Pipes are joined together with the same diameter, but the rigidity can be different. Using a sealing ring that is worn between the corrugated hollows of the pipe, a degree of tightness of IP55 can be achieved. Fittings are made of polypropylene.Coupling for double-wall tube DKC



Diameter 160 mm
Geometric dimensions Ø D1 – 154 mm; Ø D2 – 164 mm; Ø D3 – 172 mm
Length 200 mm
Weight 350 g
Packing, pcs. 1
Producing country Ukraine

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