Double-walled pipe DKC 40 mm Octopus 121940A

14,35 грн. VAT included per 1 meter

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The double-walled pipe is an ultraviolet-resistant electrical pipe that is mounted in the ground and on the ground to protect the insulating sheath of power and communication cables from damage. Double-walled corrugation is made of high-density polyethylene, which ensures operational wear resistance and high maneuverability of the pipeline. The flexible two-layer corrugated pipe is delivered in a package of 100 meters and is equipped with a nylon broach.

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Outside diameter40 mm
Inner diameter32 mm
Packing size65х30 cm
Minimum bending radius230 mm
Length50 m
Mechanical resistance13 kPa
Fire reaction classА1
Temperature resistance – 40 °С – + 90 °С
Producing countryUkraine