Tube PVC flexible corrugated Ø 50 mm 91550, heavy version with pull

32,40 грн. VAT included per 1 meter

Flexible corrugated PVC insulation pipe is designed to form a hidden interchangeable electrical wiring in the voids of building structures. Suitable for electrical wires with voltages up to 1000 V and a frequency of 50 Hz.

Installation conditions. Concealed laying in concrete screed floors; in the spaces of building structures (in the voids of raised walls, raised floors, false ceilings) of non-combustible materials; in plastered walls made of fireproof materials.

Distinctive features:

  • the pipe cannot be a source of ignition
  • when heated, does not stick together and continues to perform the main function
  • no need to ground cable support system
  • resistance to aging
  • the presence of a steel broach inside the pipes facilitates and accelerates the tightening of wires
  • resistance to moisture
  • reduction of costs and time for repair work, if wiring is damaged
  • certificate of compliance with fire safety requirements, the presence of a sanitary-hygienic conclusion.
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outer diameter50 mm
inner diameter39,6 mm
tensile strength750N/5cm
length15 m
producing countryUkraine


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